The Jewels that come from necessity

After many years in the bay area, it became apparent that there is a growing need for high end skincare boutiques focused on results. Integrating the spa and clinic feel. A private place that provides the client a very hands on and exclusive experience. Every detail is customized to the individual and the process evolves with their ever changing needs. One place that can address every detail of one's skincare and anti-aging concerns. Taking a wholistic approach and looking at the individual as the multi-faceted gem that they are. It's our job to assess and address all of those needs and put a tangible plan in place to help you look and feel your absolute best.

Its Been Quite A Journey

When I was a little girl I can remember playing in my mother's cosmetics... they were like magic. you could draw anything, be anything... I loved the smell of eye shadow and lipstick... I loved how luxury hair products felt in my hair especially after a long summer of sun and swimming. I did face masks with my sister and remember the stacks of Vogue magazines of my mother's all the colors and drama. Being that I had a flare for the dramatic, all of these things had a large impact on me. I was one of the first girls in school to dare to wear lipstick and style my hair... I loved styling my friends. I modeled as a child for a few small local companies. By the time I was seventeen I was cutting my friends' hair, doing makeup and hair for their school dances... and one day something big happened. I met the man that would bring me into the beauty industry. My girlfriend had an appointment at a large salon in Downtown Petaluma and I went with her. As I sat fingering through a magazine the owner approached and asked me what I do. I told him I was in high school. He asked me if I would be interested in modeling for his hair show and I was hooked. I said yes! enthusiastically. I showed up on time... knew where I was supposed to be when I was supposed to be there and I was offered a job. I began apprenticing and left high school in my junior year to follow my passion. I was so lit up and I never looked back. I worked full time and attended school on Mondays at the salon. Later I left and attended cosmetology school in Napa. It was there that I realized hair no longer did it for me. I went on to work at a Clarins counter and skincare left its lasting impression. I loved the smell, texture, and that I could affect how people felt about their face. Eventually I would attend Redwood Empire in Santa Rosa and the rest is history. I got a job straight out of school for a local day spa and started the really fun part. Falling in love with my clients. Each one of them with a different story. Something to teach me, and something they wanted to learn. I left for a more challenging job in San Francisco at a small skincare studio where we performed microdermabrasion and peels all day long. My clients were well versed in what they wanted and were short on time... There I learned the value of getting in and getting the best results for your time. This really sparked my relationship with active skincare and how effective one can be, given the right tools. From there I went on to a spa in Corte Madera where I learned everything about body treatments and the complete care facial, from scalp to toes... I loved their wholiostic approach. After this job I moved on to another spa in Mill Valley, an incredible place where people had major goals and we had the tools to meet them.. I learned all about injections and the power of non invasive procedure to get the very most out of your skin.  Reshaping, lifting and tightening, along with texture resurfacing for an all over magical effect. I learned we are all completely in control of our own aging process and how we feel about ourselves. If there is something we wish to change, enhance, alter, we have the power to do this. The industry has an unnumbered amount of tools and contiunues to innovate. It changes constantly and applies the most advanced science and bio-medical research. It is dynamic and multi-faceted and there is never a dull moment.